Elusive North Norfolk bass

Spent a couple of hours lure fishing for bass at Thornham, North Norfolk. Winds from the south-west and light; bright sunshine; sea crystal clear and almost like the Med! Unfortunately no sign of any fish! My new Snowbee flats boots were excellent though; much better than wearing old trainers which when waterlogged and full of sand are amazingly uncomfortable, but also better than bare feet as there’s no chance of cutting your feet open on the numerous razorshells that are lying about.

Reading the local sea fishing forums it seems nobody is catching anything at the moment, no mackerel and hence no bass. It was quiet I have to admit; at least if you see a few terns going in it gives you a bit of hope, but when you scan the horizon for miles – which you can do in the big skies of North Norfolk – and don’t see a single tern, it kind of deflates your hopes a little. Hopefully the southwesterly flow will continue, and the fish will start to appear over the next couple of weeks.

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