Went to Cley-next-the-Sea yesterday in search of some mackerel, and maybe, hopefully, a bass. Unfortunately there was very little sign of either. I counted thirty rods along the beach and I didn’t see a single fish caught. I don’t know enough about mackerel, or sea fishing in general, to speculate about why they appear to be so late in coming in close to the shore this year. The baitfish are there: there were terns feeding consistently and enthusiastically all along the beach; often only a few feet from the shore where there were no anglers. The old salts in the car park where scratching their heads and I heard more than one of them say: ‘Oh well, perhaps in a couple of three weeks they’ll start to show.’ Problem is, I’ve been hearing that every time I’ve visited a tackle shop or met another angler over the last six weeks.


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