Sad lack of fishing!

As well as being guilty of not up-dating my blog since september, or whenever it was, I have not now been fishing since november! I don’t know why, but the usual winter lure fishing for the pike of the drains and rivers just hasn’t materialised. Perhaps all the unsuccessful lure fishing for bass in the summer has left me a little jaded with that particular method, or maybe I just haven’t been able to drag my backside down to the river. Whatever; a local lake is now open again, and when my ticket arrives I will be trying for the pike there I think.

The last time I went fishing was a return week in november on the Hampshire Avon. It was a very quiet week; with my sole fish a chub of about 3lb caught on the Edward Barder’s first trip out. The rest of the week involved trying to avoid being nudged into the river by the herd of cattle that appeared halfway through the trip. Not a problem during the day, but it’s a bit disconcerting when it’s pitch black and there’s several tonnes of frisky steers behind you, and ten foot of fast-flowing very cold water a couple of feet in front of you! As usual the backdrop was stunning, and there’s always next year, well, this year.

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