In Search of Pinkfeet

The other morning I walked down to Snettisham to see the Pinkfooted geese taking off from their overnight roosting sites out on the marshes; truly one of the UK’s most awe-inspiring natural events. Something like 40000 geese spend the winter here on the North Norfolk coast; often in the morning when I’m lying in bed I can hear the goose-talk as they flood across the sky bound for the fields a few miles inland. Unfortunately the full moon meant that they had probably been inland all night! My early rising was rewarded with the sight of this little fellow though. He knew perfectly well I was there; you can see him looking directly into the camera, but I guess what with the harsh weather recently he just didn’t have time to be bothered by me and carried on hunting for his breakfast alongside the dyke.

It was a stunning morning. Once the sun had dragged itself up and over Sandringham forest, the light was a lovely golden yellow. I’ll post some more pics later.


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