Another day on the Wensum

Another couple of perfect trout from the river Wensum today. I caught them both on hawthorn imitations. But I missed several others, one about five times! It went for the fly every time I put it over its head, but I just couldn’t hook it. I don’t know why, maybe I’m striking too early; it’s very difficult to wait when the fish splash at your fly. Then again maybe they were the ones missing!


One thought on “Another day on the Wensum

  1. Getting into it now Putnam.In "Drop me a Line" (OK it's an old book), RW makes much of the fact that it's almost impossible to strike too slowly and he was discussing wild brownie fishing on small rivers. "You seldom stike too slowly in dry-fly fishing. More fish are lost striking too quickly".Well worth a read for the emtymology as well.

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