The Babingley again

Explored a bit further up the Babingley today. I walked from Castle Rising down to the A149 and crossed the road to follow the footpath upstream. I’m becoming more and more enamoured with this little stream; it really is a hidden gem. I didn’t see as many fish as I was expecting I have to admit, but the further upstream I got the more activity I saw. There were a few mayflies about, and some sedges, and fish were rising. In places it’s a bit silty, but generally, there’s plenty of weed and it just looks so trouty. I’ve posted a letter to Sandringham estate office, but to be honest I’m expecting to be disappointed. Anyway, weather permitting, on tuesday I’ll be back on the Wensum hoping to improve my record of two fish in a session. I’d also like to catch something slightly bigger. The last time I was there something decent swirled right under my fly and I’m sure it was a bigger fish. I’ll head back there first, and then probably to another beat that I have fished but haven’t caught on yet.


One thought on “The Babingley again

  1. Many years ago (75-80) I worked on the Sandringham Estate and was lucky enough to be able to fish the Babingley between the watermill on the Flax Factory Road up to Flitcham Park Lake. Many memories and not a few decent fish. Always difficult to fish due to dense vegetation. River was syndicated then, but the members generally only fished weekends so I my permission was for weekdays only. I still have some of the tiny Orange Quills, Little Red Sedges and GRHEs that I tied specifically.

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