Yesterday, the hottest day of the year I think, we had our first trip out lure fishing for bass at Thornham. The omens were good: forum reports of fish being caught all round the East Anglian coast meant our hopes were high. But after four hours or so of flogging the channel that comes out from the marshes we once again went home fishless. It was very disappointing I have to admit; I know it was only our first trip out this year, but with all the fish being caught we were at least expecting a couple of schoolies. I won’t give up though, and am determined to catch a bass on a lure even though I failed to do so last year. I have, however, just paid a visit to the tackle shop in Hunstanton and looked at a couple of bait outfits. Though I’d love to catch one on a lure maybe I should give myself a better chance of just catching a few fish first! I had a look at some nice rods from the Anyfish Anywhere company. What I want is a rod that I can use to cast a bit of weight when I want to, for example after the mackerel at Cley, but also light enough to use as an estuary style rod that I could hold and touch ledger with. The Anyfish Anywhere ‘four and bait’ rod looks like it could do the trick, but it’s about a hundred quid, then I’ll need a reel to go with it, line, weights, hooks etc., and before you know where you are you’ve spent a couple of hundred quid. I’ll probably buy it anyway knowing me.

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