Fly of the week – Greenwell’s Glory

Greenwell’s Glory is a fly first tied in 1854 by a Canon Greenwell and a Mr James Wright; they developed it for trout fishing on the Tweed.. They used it as a wet fly. It may not be the best fly for anyone who likes to match the hatch identically, but it’s a great representation of anything olivey.
It’s bleedin’ hot out again today, but I’m thinking about those trout I saw yesterday above the weir. There was a pipe of some sort emptying in and the bigger fish seemed to be congregating about it. These ‘pipefish’ as I’ve named them weren’t feeding yesterday when I spotted them, but as this evening approaches I know they’re going to get bigger and bigger in my mind, and I’ve a funny feeling that at about four ‘o’ clock I’m going to get twitchy feet!

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