Sea bass at last

This is my first ‘decent’ bass. It came after I bought a new rod – a light 11’6” estuary/bass rod – specifically so I can fish with bait instead of the lures I have been using unsuccessfully for a year or so. And I have to say it tasted wonderful. There’s something about catching and eating your catch which is really exciting. Anyway, that fish was last weekend; Matthew caught a slightly better fish that day. At the weekend just gone I went back to the same spot and caught a 3 and a half and a 2 and a half pounder, and then the next day another 1 and a half pounder. Lovely fishing, and while the bass are about and we’re catching I cant seem to think about coarse or fly fishing. I definitely need to get back on the river as the season ends at the end of September, and I am yet to catch a tench this season. Had a reasonable carp of about 12 – 14 lb on opening day, but since then haven’t really been coarse fishing, maybe next weekend I’ll have a day at Wallington Hall and a day at Thornham after the bass.

One thought on “Sea bass at last

  1. Congratulations are in order, di you have chips with it 😉 I'll drop you a line soon, been too much going on of late, or I'd have come to Avon.

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