Holme beach again

Walked the dog on Holme beach this evening which is where I usually take her. Nice sunset. I think sunset photos can actually be a bit boring unless you can get something else in them if you know what I mean. I used the flash on the one above and it’s highlighted the post and the foreground quite nicely.

I haven’t been fishing for bloody ages now. The lake up the road where I fly fish for stockies has got some sort of algae bloom which killed a load of the fish off, and it’s closed for the foreseeable future, and I just haven’t managed to get out anywhere else yet.

The photo below is of the birch on our front lawn. Everyone else in the street’s been out sweeping leaves away and tidying up. Well I refuse to subscribe to their idea of suburban utopia. It’s bad enough living on a homogenised estate where everything’s symmetrical, including everybody’s lives. And anyway, I like dead leaves. And anyway, I can’t be arsed.


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