Kindle/ e-books

For Christmas I got a Kindle. I’m not one of these people who absolutely have to have the latest gadget as soon as it comes out, but I thought this little piece of technology might be one I actually could put to good use. And I have. The cost of e-books is often about half the price of what you would pay in a bookshop, and usually a pound or two cheaper than you can get them on Amazon; and there are plenty of free one’s too.

However there is a dilemma: will e-books hasten the decline of bookshops and even books? I love browsing bookshops, and could happily spend a couple of hours doing so, and even though I now own an e-book I will continue to both frequent bookshops and buy books in their traditional format. And I think most other people who have an e-book will probably do the same.

If books therefore become cheaper to publish surely publishers will be more willing to publish books, and this could lead to new writers being published more often. So I for one will be buying more books through my Kindle, though I will also conitinue to support my local bookshops.


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