Waiting for the rise…

Yesterday evening I went to the lake at Ingoldisthorpe. It was a muggy day,but bright and quite a breeze had picked by the time I got there at eight. It was nine before I saw a single sign of a fish. So I messed about with the camera for a while. The evening before I’d fished here, and had a good 45 minutes between nine and quarter to ten catching four trout off the top to a Parachute Adams. The book was full of woes from the previous few days because the fishing had been so poor; one chap had written he’d used a yard of tippet changing flies, and the word ‘grim!’ They’ll be moaning about the weed again soon no doubt, so I know, why don’t we treat it with something to kill it all off, then the blue-green algae will proliferate again later in the Summer if we get some hot weather, and all the fish will die like they did last year! I’m going to propose that we napalm the banks as well for a quarter of a mile back from the banks, and start an eradication program of any and every other specimen of wildlife that frequents the place. A few weeks ago I was speaking to a member there who wanted to come up and shoot all the coots and moorhens!? Why? What possible interference with the fishing do they cause? Someone last year went round and up-ended any nests with eggs in them into the water. What is wrong with people?

Anyway, only caught one this time, and lost another; again both to a Parachute Adams.


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