Winter sun

No fishing lately. I haven’t been pike fishing once this season, and at the moment it’s not looking likely. I did have a good morning walking the dog at Thornham the other day though. In the space of an hour-and-a-half I saw seven species of raptor – barn owl, red kite, hen harrier, marsh harrier, short-eared owl, buzzard and sparrowhawk. I took these photos one evening after nearly packing up and going home without taking a shot, but I stuck it out as there was a small gap in the cloud, and I just had a feeling the sun was going to appear.


5 thoughts on “Winter sun

  1. Never realised you could put comments on (I'll catch up with this century when I've finished with the last). Seven species of birds of prey in an hour and a half! Bally good birding old boy. Oh oh, select a profile? I think I'm best from the left. I'm going to try anon and see what happens. It's me, Matthew.

  2. Ah now, that would be John Morton, still a rabid Portsmouth fan and recent convert to carp angling. Can be found on Facebook, allegedly (has just resigned from TPBTW).CheersLate Rev Smith

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