Brancaster Staithe

I found these boats this morning on the saltings between Brancaster Staithe and Burnham Deepdale. If you were going to place these boats purposely to compose a photograph you probably wouldn’t do it much differently than the tide has already.
I find it incredibly hard to critique my own photos and am always hyper-critical, but these I’m quite pleased with. The one above and the one below are my favourites I think.
I like this black and white one too.
I don’t think I’ve been fishing since Christmas. I haven’t been pike fishing this Winter at all. I’m going to wait until the start of the trout season on the first of April before I go fly fishing I think. And hopefully this year there will be plenty of water in the Wensum, rather than none and then enough to last a decade in a few weeks like last season. There is real hope of some restoration work over the next couple of years on the stretch I fish which would be brilliant as the river is sorely in need of it. It will also be good to get out on the boat again. We only got it at the back-end of Summer last year so this year we’ll be exploring a few more marks.


2 thoughts on “Brancaster Staithe

  1. Unlike some I guess you won't be suprised just where trout turn up on the Wensum….starting to look like the river is geting some real life back, a bit like the Bure where the dace and roach are thriving as well as those brownies that have spread down from the Itteringham and Ingworth area.

  2. The IDB/EA have got a big pot of money at the moment and are actually under legal obligation to improve the ecological status of chalk streams. They and the Norfolk Rivers Trust have already done some good work to rivers such as the Nar, Babingley and the Holkham rivers. The IDB will hopefully be restoring the upper river Wensum where I fish over the next couple of years. I haven't seen the Bure, but a friend who fished it at the tail end of last season said it was nice.

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