The Aurochs

Aurochs, aurochs, aurochs

head full of rocks

I’ve seen their horns

piled like pine trunks

by the roadside

Extinct? Yeah right don’t

believe everything you read

I’ve heard them rumbling

through the village

dead of night

with my own ears I tell you

my damned ears

Don’t let them tell you

that which is not true

Gad! what bore

must take them down

and in their throes what

trees what houses what

mountains left unripped

After all this time

must we extinct the aurochs ourselves?

Leave them be though

they hate man and rip and trample flesh every

chance and every bone they’ve

ever encountered is smashed

and cars disappear down the

sinkholes of their hooves

like toys at the hands

of kids that don’t care

But don’t let them tell you of

that which is not true

never let them tell you

the aurochs is gone

that it sleeps in the stones man walks on


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