I’m a forty year old angler, nature lover, wannabee writer and photographer. I live in Norfolk with my partner Michelle, her two children, and a Patterdale terrier called Tess whose most annoying habit is rolling on the bodies of dead seals which she always manages to find when we’re walking on the North Norfolk coast.


I started fishing with my dad for eels in the dykes that are found alongside the rivers Crouch and Roach near Southend-on-Sea in Essex where I was born and lived until I moved to Norfolk at the age of 25. I also used to go sea fishing with my Grandad in the Thames estuary. Now I fish in the sea; for coarse fish; and increasingly over the last couple of years fly fish for trout. I recently bought myself a three and a half meter inflatable with a six horsepower outboard with which this Summer I’m going to go inshore fishing off the North Norfolk coast for bass and mackerel.

I studied to be a nurse at the UEA in Norwich, and since then have worked in dialysis units at King’s Lynn, and Bury St Edmunds hospitals, as well as for a year at Dorchester in Dorset. Two years ago Michelle and I set up our own dialysis unit in Dersingham where we live for people who need dialysis when they are on holiday. We both still work for the NHS as well.

I have had a short story published in Waterlog magazine, and I contribute sporadically to the music, fishing and culture website Caught By The River.

I’ve recently given up smoking, and taken up swimming. I love indie music, barbel fishing at Burgate Manor Farm on the Hampshire Avon, the North Norfolk coast, nature, reading, writing poetry and prose, eating good food and drinking red wine, salt and vinegar crisps, taking photographs, science, and A Passion For Angling. I hate injustice, inequality, hypocrisy (though I may sometimes be guilty of this myself), unfairness, Conservatism (note the capital c), selfishness (though again I may, hypocritically, be sometimes guilty of this myself), indegestion, tax avoidance, and the fact that society is set up to benefit the few to the detriment of the many.

My biggest failings are grumpiness and procrastination.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Danny.
    I am assuming that it was me that you were referring to at Burgate, glad to have almost returned the compliment, I was enthused by your previous exploits at Burgate, you rekindled your blog after out meeting.
    Perhaps we’ll meet again on the banks of the Avon.

    All the best,

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